REVERIE in English refers to an imaginary representation of reality created to help realize a desire.
It also means a fantastic and visionary idea, an abstracted state of absorption or “immersion”, absentminded dreaming while awake.

The Project



REVERIE is a revolution in online social networking. It is a safe, collaborative, online environment which brings together realistic inter‐personal communication and interaction.

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The REVERIE consortium is of average size, well focused and with a carefully chosen mix of partners from different sectors bringing complementary skills to the work.

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The technologies, processes and methodologies developed in REVERIE will stimulate the creation of new forms of immersive experience and entertainment.

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The Concept


Friday nights and field trips will never be the same again!

It’s Friday night, you’re exhausted after a long week in the office. You’re not going to leave the house so you could watch TV, or spend a few hours catching up on your social networks. But, why spend time watching a screen when you could immerse yourself into a 3D online environment which lets you interact with friends and share common experiences together, in real time, without having to leave home?

REVERIE is a safe, collaborative, online environment where users can meet, socialise and share experiences using equipment they already have at home – such as 3D TV and Microsoft 3D Kinect – along with a range of content creation tools built for the platform. The possibilities are endless – take your Geography class on a field trip; make an important presentation; attend a distance learning class; play the lead character in your favourite film – then invite your friends to join you using their existing social networking channels. Friday nights and field trips will never be the same again!

News & Events

REVERIE Final Review

This week we welcome our Reviewers and Project Officer to Queen Mary’s University of London for our Final REVERIE Review. We’ve got lots to show including a demonstration of the 4 scenarios which make up our REVERIE prototype: The European Parliament, RIIGA – The REVERIE Immersive International Gallery of Art, Simon Says and The REVERIE [...]

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REVERIE Trials Completed

The REVERIE public trials were carried out in January and February at Queen Marys University of London (QMUL) and at Dublin City University (DCU) and Phase 2 was carried out at 2 schools in South East London. For UseCase 1, groups of 6 students and 1 teacher tested our European Parliament Tour and 3D Gallery. [...]

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Best Paper for 3D Tele-Immersion Research

At the ACM Multimedia Systems Conference (MMsys) 2013 in Oslo (Norway), the article “A 3D Tele-Immersion System based on Live Captured Mesh Geometry” was selected as the best paper on 3D Technology and Multimedia. The article reports on the ongoing collaboration between researchers at CWI and QMUL in the context of the EU-funded REVERIE (REal [...]

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7th Framework Programme

7th Framework ProgrammeThe project is
co-funded by the European Commision.

REVERIE is affiliated with the "Excellence in Media Computing and Communication" ( EMC^2) European Competence Centre Excellence in Media Computing and Communication



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